Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My prayer

Dear God

Speak to me Lord, I know you are there. I can feel you in the air for your wind gently is blowing through my hair. I can hear you in your birds as they sing their morning songs. I look up to wide open spaces and know you are much bigger then the Sea or the Sky. Help me Lord to understand myself and why am, what I am and who I am. Purify my heart oh Lord. May I love you as King David for he was a man after your own heart. May I have wisdom as Solomon, for he knew right from wrong being fair and just. May I find in me good leadership as Judge Deborah, who lead your people into battle. May I too leave a mark on this earth, that I was here and that I stood for goodness and righteousness in Your Holy Name. Not for myself in the flesh but for the soul of me that cries to be heard by you. The prayers I have said as a child never went unheard, through darkness was in my way You never left my side. Yet it was not until am became aged that I have eyes to see. I thank you Lord for your blessing and your favor,may I be pleasing to your ear all the days of my life. May I be able to bless others in your name, this I prayer In Jesus Name amen

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