Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes we feel as if we are still on that ride...................

Maybe we loved the ride, holding one for dear life. Great...Maybe we never should gone on that ride in the first place...but we did...Maybe we ended up sick, unable to eat. That bad feeling inside. Sometimes we feel as if we are in the air, even upside down...just "not right" within our own skin. It is not natural to be upside down, so they strap us in tight to keep us from falling out. Same thing applies to our lives...it is not natural...No one keeps riding the ride forever. At some point, you have to get off that ride...and so we do. WHEN WE ARE UPSIDE DOWN IN OUR LIVES, WE CAN'T FIND OUR WAY...WE CAN HANG UPSIDE DOWN FOR YEARS...so it seems. The point I am making is there is a time and a place to have fun and be different. To go on wild rides and. hold on for dear life as we spin upside down. However, when we are not grounded...what keep us right side up? Are you grounded? Planted deep like the roots of an oak tree? On the other hand, will you fall over when the wind blows? If you “feel” ungrounded…upside down…not happy inside your own skin…then you need to rethink….are you able. Because if your not, then you need to look at your feet and where you are standing…is it sand. Would you build your house on that ground? If it is not good ground to build on why stand your body on it…for your worth far more then a house made of brick.

Maybe we loved it and want to go on it again…..maybe we should of never gone on that ride in the first place.

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